If you’re ever feeling unproductive just remember that the logo for the 2012 Olympics cost $600,000 and took two years to finish.


This is exactly what I needed to read, right after spending 2h working on Flash in order to finish a single slide. Preach!

I have a feeling that after the changes I have envisioned, this blog is going to be a huge success. 

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This blog needs a quick update and an urgent makeover. 

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Why do I workout?

There are many reasons, but specially because it enhances my survival skills.

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It’s funny, but every time I subscribe to a social network that asks me at some point which causes I support, the first thing which comes to my mind is FOOD. I support FOOD. What’s not to like about food? Everybody enjoys it. But for some reason that’s what we care less about as a society. And one thing I can tell you, nothing is going to change until we change our nutrition. We have no idea the impact food industry has. For real.

The Raw Vegan Challenge Ep.2

Update on my Raw Vegan challenge: total and utterly failed. I was feeling just fine until I got home and was getting ready for some strenght trainning, when suddenly started to feel really tired and I just couldn’t focus my mind at all. I jumped to the kitchen and thought “maybe I can be just vegetarian”, so I ate a slice of cheese and then another 5, then I ate chicken and then I thought “oh, whatever, let’s just be happy with some butter.” Now I’m happy, with tons of protein in my belly.

The Raw Vegan Challenge Ep.1

I am officially on a one week raw vegan challenge. Spending a whole life without even trying to be vegan even if for just a couple of days seems limited to me. I want to know how it feels. Maybe I won’t like it and feel tired all the time, or it could just turn out to be the best way of living for my body. All I know is that the answer won’t be there for me unless I do something about it. 

And why have I decided to go on this challenge? The last couple of years, while doing reasearch on health and nutrition, there was a couple of myths which really upset me for being so so famous, specially among women who struggle with their body image. 

Myth nº 1 is the low-carb diet. That whole idea that carbs are fattening is just non-sense, specially when fruit is included in the equation as a food to avoid. I imagine that’s why the vast majority of eastern population is imensely fat… by eating refinned rice EVERY DAY. 

Myth nº 2 the paleo diet. There are some aspects about the paleo diet which are actually interesting, and I am talking about the raw aspect of the diet. Eighty million species on earth (about 700,000 of which are animals) thrive on raw food. Only humans apply heat to what they eat. And only humans suffer vastly from degenerative diseases. Nevertheless meat and fat intake are strongly connected to these same deseases. Bottomline: Raw good, 90% calorie intake on fat and meat, not so much.

Myth nº 3, last but not the least, calorie restriction diet. Really this is the one which may upset me the most, alongside with the low carb diet that ends up to be calorie restrictive as well. Calorie restrictive diets have been proved to be unsuccessful in the long run. Why? Because they deeply mess up your metabolism. If you want your body to be a full energy, fat burning machine, feed it with the right nutrients, instead of taking the fuel away. By restrictiing you are only teaching your body how to thrieve on low calorie intake, trainning it to efficiently store fat and save energy.

So, I am beyond thrilled about this challenge, because I love fruit, veggies and nuts, but I am a bit sad about leaving eggs. I’m not a super fan of meat, but eggs I really enjoy… Anyway, this is just a one week challenge. The point is to understand my body a little bit better.